Building a Sneaker Blog

This isn’t just a sneaker blog, you know. I’m supposed to be doing some Information Architecture here.

Now that I’ve warmed you up to what my blog will be about, I want to give you an idea of why my blog is set up the way it is. Just like every shoe, this blog just started with an idea.

I’ve created a few categories thus far:

  1. April 2018 – I created this category for those coming to my site who want to view posts by month. This is probably for people who are visiting my blog for a specific purpose- to read a certain post, view certain information.
  2. Nike vs. Adidas – This is for those posts specifically related to the rivalry between sneaker conglomerates, Nike and Adidas. I felt this deserved its own category due to the fact that it will be the main focus of my blog moving forward.
  3. Releases – Not surprisingly, posts within this category pertain to the largest releases and the numbers that followed them.
  4. Secondary Market – This category is for posts specifically related to resale market. I felt this deserved its own category because while its related to the sneaker industry as a whole, it is unique in its data.
  5. Structure – This category is for my professor who wants to see how I’m relating this all back to class 🙂

Most of my tags on my posts are “Nike”, “Adidas”, “sneakers”, “sneakerhead”, “blogger”, and “hypebeast” because when searching for a blog on sneakers, these are most likely the terms someone would search with.

All of this being said, my blog is organized in a topic scheme, as most people reading my blog or either going to browse through certain categories they’re interested in, or read from recent to current/vice versa. In a way, my blog might also described as being in an audience scheme or even a task scheme since I have created categories for the posts geared towards people visiting my blog looking for specific things.

In my next post, I’ll go further into the organization structure I chose for my blog.


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