Structure Behind the Blog

Building on my previous post, I’ll be digging deeper into the data I’ll be using for my blog, as well as the structure of my website structure.

I believe that my blog is in a Matrix structure as users can navigate the site in various ways. They can view posts by scrolling down, viewing them in chronological order. They can also view posts from a certain month. Finally, they can view posts by topic. I’ve also allowed users to navigate between posts in the event the two posts are related.

For the remainder of my blog, I will be digging deeper into the rivalry between Nike/Jordan and Adidas. Adidas and Converse had a strong grip on the market until Nike rolled around in the 1970’s.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.33.58 PM

Since then, Nike has held a strong lead in market share for the sneaker industry in the both the US and around the world. Jordan’s share account for a part of Nike’s, but is also measured separately. Last year, Adidas surpassed Jordan for the first time becoming the second largest shoemaker based on market share in the US, falling behind Nike. While Nike still has a much larger market share than Adidas, Adidas has been gaining traction.

My goal for this blog is to examine the historical data for the rivalry between these companies, and where we can expect these companies to land in the future in terms of growth, market share and demographics. Throughout this course, I will use statistics on consumer trends, market shares and sales to make predictions on the future of competition in the sneaker industry.


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