And the Winner of 2018 is…

For my final project, I wanted to determine which brand was more likely to win 2018 based on a few factors, the main one being which brand had a better overall percent increase from original to resale price for their shoes.

The link to my Tableau story can be found here in Tableau Public.

As you go through the story, you’ll see how I broke my dataset down. I started with all of the releases of Q1 2018, and noted which ones were for women, which were collaborations and how many times it resold. I wanted to see who was doing the best in upcoming markets, who was doing the best collaborating with other brands, and who’s shoes were not only being resold for more but being resold more in general. A brief synopsis of each story point is below, to give a clear idea of each of the eight story points:

1) Nike started strong in the first quarter of 2018 with the most releases of the three brands. Adidas fell slightly short with 151 releases, but they still released more than Jordan. However, because Jordan is within Nike, one could say that Nike beat Adidas by a long shot.

2) Nike made an extra effort in the first quarter and beyond targeting women, by releasing more than double the number of women’s shoes that Adidas released.

3) However, while Nike had more women’s releases, Adidas had the highest reselling women’s shoe. However, it should be noted that the shoe was not a women’s only release but rather a dual release of both women and men. That being said, it is not necessarily accurate to say that Adidas won with women, especially given that that shoe being resold at an extremely high price is clearly an outlier.

4) When it came to collaborations, Adidas came out on top with over 50% of all collaborations of the first quarter, more than Nike and Jordan combined.

5) Nike, however, had the highest reselling shoes with the Jordan 1 Retro Off White and the Air Force 1 Virgil MoMA. Both of these shoes were made by designer Virgil Abloh, who’s partnership with Nike has been a major asset to the brand. When looking at the rest of the items in the chart, several of the other top-reselling shoes are Nike as well.

6) Overall, when looking at the number of shoes sold throughout the entire data set, Adidas wins with over 27,000 pairs of Yeezy 500’s resold. Nike resale numbers pale in comparison to this, although the next 4 shoes after the Yeezy 500 are all Nike.

7) When it comes to highest resale price, Adidas wins as well with the Y3 Runner 4D going for $1,844 on average.

8) This chart shows the % increase or decrease in value from each shoe’s original sale price, where it is easy to see which shoes lost value and others increased in value (and by how much). I did this by created a calculation in the row (although I was unable to actually make my numbers percentages for proper viewing).

9) In doing a count of those shoes with an increase in value greater than 1 (or better put, those shoes that did not lose value after their original sale), Nike was a winner for the first quarter of 2018. This solidifies my thought that Nike will again be the top brand of 2018, followed by Adidas and then Jordan.

Most of my analysis in my story was shown through contrast data stories, as my intent with this analysis was to compare the brands performance. In some instances I used ‘factors’- such as whether a shoe was women’s or a collaboration, while in others I examined an outlier. Overall, though, I would say my story contains mostly contrast data stories.



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